Other Phantom pics and some photoshop ideas...

Ed's build pages

Body mould

Running around on the Isle of Wight

Ford Duratec V6 car

Ken Morton's awesome Legend 3.2l turbo engine

Ken's body fresh from paint

Nearly finished, not sure about the pearl colour

Nice badges though!

Aftermarket MX3 lights photoshopped on

This is owned by one of the Phantom partners and is quite heavily modified. Unfortunately I only had my phone with me so sorry for the poor pics!

Front intake is much bigger and wider, bonnet vents are smoothed over and completely different custom headlight clusters are used.

Engine cover has had the louvres completely reworked

Interior is very successful, still work in progress, all of it has been sculpted in clay first. An electric park brake has also been used to clean up the lines.

Neat side intakes feature big polished aluminium strakes.

Eddy's phantom a couple of days before SVA

Great Stoneleigh turnout! 2007

Audi RS4 alloys photoshopped on (about 19")

and in Onyx black...

Image split-rims

colour-coded Image split-rims

black Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.2

white Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.2